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  Achievement Certificates
Here are links to "Music Achievement Certificates" from specialneedsinmusic.com. They are a source of pride for special needs students and may be sent home, displayed on bulletin boards and/or presented at special assemblies and events. The certificates recognize accomplishments in playing instruments, singing, improvisation and appreciating music.

percussion instrument performance achievement certificate achiev_certif_perc_instr.pdf
keyboard instrument performance achievement certificate achiev_certif_keyboard.pdf
xylophone instrument performance achievement certificate achiev_certif_xylo.pdf
jazz performance activities achievement certificate achiev_certif_jazz.pdf
singing achievement certificate achiev_certif_singing.pdf
conducting achievement certificate achiev_certif_conducting.pdf
sing Mozart achievement certificate achiev_certif_sing_mozart.pdf
guitar instrument performance achievement certificate achiev_certif_guitar.pdf
music appreciation achievement certificate achiev_certif_mus_appre.pdf
music technology achievement certificate achiev_certif_music_tech.pdf
general purpose music achievement certificate achiev_certif_basic.pdf
  Lesson Plans
Here is a template for lesson planning that was developed in 2013.
I suggest using it along with the other lesson plans presented below so that the teacher can customize the plans in accordance with the demands of his or her school district. By clarifying the plans and linking elements to ELA and Math standards used by the district, the teacher will be able to present a robust lesson plan that takes into account the needs of the students.
lesson plan template - PDF format LP_template_2013_0511.pdf
lesson plan template - Pages format for Mac users LP_template_2013_0511.pages.zip
lesson plan template - MS Word format LP_template_2013_0511_ms_word_format.doc.zip
special ed classroom sp_ed_music_classroom.pdf
modes, scales, and student improvisation lp_modes_scales_and_student_improvisation
scatting in jazz style lpscat.pdf
composing game lpcomp.pdf
list of aims list_of_aims
more aims more_aims
music journal and activities lpjour.pdf
listening guide for kaila's web site snim_audio_guide.pdf
recommended songs not found at specialneedsinmusic.com song_list_recommend.pdf
patterns in music lesson by Akini Gill patterns_lesson_Akini_Gill.pdf
letter of appreciation to Akini Gill Akini_Gill_letter_of_appreciation.pdf
'The Caribbean Resolution' lesson by Akini Gill Caribbean_Resolution_Lesson_Akini_Gill.pdf
'The Caribbean Resolution' lesson by Kaila Rochelle caribbean_resolution_lesson_Kaila_Rochelle.pdf
vocal lesson assembly with Cheryl Warfield Cheryl_Warfield_vocal_lesson_assembly.pdf
letter of appreciation to Cheryl Warfield Cheryl_Warfield_letter_of_appreciation.pdf
'The Music Math Listening Game' worksheets by Kaila Rochelle m_m_listening_game_worksheets.pdf
'This Little Light of Mine' worksheet by Kaila Rochelle m_m_wk3_this_little_light_of_mine_lyric_sheet
Kaila's Music Math web page specialneedsinmusic.com/m_m_pg1.html
infusing mathematical concepts into a music curriculum math_inferences.pdf
NYSCCLS in math with music lessons data sheet NYSCCLS_in_math_with_music_data_sheet
integrate NYS p12 CCLS in mathematics with music lessons integrate_NYSCCLS_math_with_music_less.pdf
NYS p12 Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics nys_p12_ccls_mathematics.pdf
NYS Arts Standards www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/arts/artstand/home.html
Alternate Assessment Standards 1 NYS arts standards www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/arts/artstand/artsa1.html
National Standards for Music Education (@musiced.nafme.org) national-standards-for-music-education/

The following worksheets, with their various multi-level activities, are a blueprint for workshop lessons that enable individual pacing, independent practice and group cohesion. Students, teachers, paras and families can first listen to the selections by downloading them from the audio instructional web page or at the folk music page.

The teacher or group leader can go through the activities in a number of ways. The entire class can focus on one activity in smaller groups, or different small groups can work on different activities found on the worksheets. The smaller groups can then work together to practice the song as a whole by utilizing one activity on the sheet, or by practicing the different activities on the sheet simultaneously following their small group or individual practice session. The group can then analyses their strengths and weaknesses. These pieces are all suitable for assemblies and many school themes. The worksheets are also a useful homework tool.

The 'Checklist For Healthy Piano Playing' checklist_for_healthy_piano_playing.pdf
'Good Better Best' worksheet good_better_best_sheet.pdf
'Good Better Best' melody notation and matching game good_better_best_melody_match.pdf
'I Walk in Beauty' worksheet walk_in_beauty_lesson.pdf
'Jingle Bells' worksheet jinglebells_lesson.pdf
'12 Bar Blues' worksheet 12_bar_blues_worksheet.pdf
'The Caribbean Resolution' worksheet lgn_the_caribbean_resolution.pdf
'The Caribbean Resolution' audio file SNIM_Caribbean_Example_2013_0312.mp3
'The Music Math Listening Game' worksheets by Kaila Rochelle m_m_listening_game_worksheets.pdf
'This Little Light of Mine' worksheet by Kaila Rochelle m_m_wk3_this_little_light_of_mine_lyric_sheet
'How Many Notes Phrases Patterns' worksheet m_m_wk2_pg6_how_many_notes_phrases_pat.pdf
  Data Sheets To Track Student Progress

assessment sheet assessment_sheet.pdf
'singing and vocal exercise activities' datasheet data_sheet_vocal.pdf
'instrument performance activities' datasheet data_sheet_instrument.pdf
NYSCCLS in math with music lessons data sheet NYSCCLS_in_math_with_music_data_sheet
student log sheet student_log_sheet.pdf
'music activity' checklist lyrws.pdf
'music activity' datasheet mus_activ_data_sheet.pdf
'practicing for success' checklist checklist_for_practicing.pdf
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  Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels

DOK Chart Depth_of_Knowledge_Chart.pdf
  Rubric Data Analysis Sheets

'Generic' rubric data analysis sheet rubric_data_sheet_generic.pdf
'Piano/Kybd Skills' rubric data analysis sheet rubric_data_sheet_pno_kybd.pdf
'Vocal Skills' rubric data analysis sheet rubric_data_sheet_vocal.pdf
'Percussion Skills' rubric data analysis sheet rubric_data_sheet_percu.pdf
'Pitched Instrument Skills' rubric data analysis sheet rubric_data_sheet_pitched_instr.pdf
'Conducting Skills' rubric data analysis sheet (page 2 only) rubric_data_sheet_conducting_pg2_only.pdf
'Summative' data analysis sheet summative_data_analysis_sheet.pdf
  The Special Education Music Classroom

Kaila's Special Education Music Classroom sp_ed_music_classroom.pdf