Lyrics and Worksheets for Kaila Rochelle's
                   'Beautiful Songs'
            'Instructional Audio CD'    


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Here are eight .pdf files that include audio cd track sheets, work sheets, lyrics and a music activity check list. The lyrics with suggested activities are meant to be used as a guide by educators and parents to work more effectively with the audio CDs. Some students may improve their independent functioning by incorporating the activities suggested in the guide into their recreational and vocational lives.

recommended songs not found at song_list_recommend.pdf
track list for the 'Beautiful Songs Audio CD' bea_tra.pdf
track list for the 'Instructional Audio CD' ins_tra.pdf
track list for the 'Folk Music' CD fm_tra.pdf
lyrics for parents and teachers lyrtea.pdf
lyrics for students lyrstu.pdf
music activity check list lyrws.pdf
additional song lyrics for the 'Instructional Audio CD' lyradd.pdf