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Credits and Contributions

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Development and Production

Kaila Rochelle


Curriculum development and presentation; midi keyboard arrangements and voice performance on the 'Instructional', 'Beautiful Songs' CDs. Narration and piano performance 'The Astronomer'; 'needlepoint' graphics; 'sock puppet' graphics. Performances on the piano recordings.


Kenneth Babb


Curriculum development and presentation; web site design, html programming, uploads, editing and maintenance; music performance coach; piano and voice audio recording, mixing and mastering; 'Math and Music' notation graphics; xylophone graphic (on the 'Xylophone Melodies' worksheet). Guitar, Flute and Percussion Parts on Kaila's Folk Music web page.


Johnny Otasammy




Sura Bas Esther

  Artist. Kaila's 'childhood' sketch graphic.

Esther Bas Sura

  Artist. 'Garden Watercolor' and 'Jamaican Sunset' graphics.
  Pud Houston

Artist. 'Kaila at Town Hall Sketch' for 'Kaila's Piano with Slideshow Videos' multimedia graphic.

  David P. Marchese

Voice curriculum development; voice coach.

  Phyllis E. Powell

Narrator on Kaila's 'Instructional' CD.

  Eli Rosenbluh

Vocalist on 'Singing Exercises' and 'Tumbalalaika.'

  Avi Gewirtz

Vocalist on 'Shoes', 'Merry Music' and 'Muchits.'


Vocalist. Harmony and backup singing on Kaila's 'Instructional' and 'Beautiful Songs' CDs.

  Fred Gubitosi

Artist. 'Lion and the Mouse' graphic; 'Mozart' graphic; 'Little Cat' graphic.

  Elizabeth Josephs

Artist. 'Xylophone sketch' on the 'Music Work Sheets for Teachers
and Students.'


Language development suggestions.

  Nicholas Bochinis

Artistic suggestions.

  Samuel Kaplan

Artist. 'Kaila seated at the Piano' sketch graphic.

  German Diez

Piano Teacher.

  Jose Aldaz

Piano Teacher.

  Sal Bonavita

Flamenco Guitar.

  Richard Soar

Wrote the Dittersdorf bio story "A Tale of a Musician and Composer." Supplied 'Hocus Pocus' and 'English Dances' scores.

  Elise Sobol

Special thanks to Professor Elise Sobol, NYSSMA chairperson for special learners, for the "Low To High Note" inspiration found in her book 
"An Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners: a Teacher's Guide to Comprehensive Music and Technique."

Graphics and Music Resources on the Web
  Music Graphics Galore

A collection of free icons, clip art, graphics, backgrounds, and images for
anyone to use.


 Royalty free stock photography.

  West Music

A wonderful selection of musical instruments.


"King David with Harp" graphic on the "Stars Are Shining" web pages.

Special Thanks To:

For their artistic support and beautiful pianos. It is greatly appreciated.


For their development of Special Needs Education Products.

  My Students and Their Families

For their musical contributions, enthusiasm and inspiration.

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